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greymate logoThe Greymate Greywater System is a compact and attractive designed economical water conservation device. With a pump capacity of 7000L per hour the tank allows for a high inflow. The pump system will only run when the tank is full or activated by a timer and can be effectively isolated when water is not required.

The system requires power and a licensed plumber must install a drainage inlet and overflow.

  • Compact and attractive design
  • Affordable
  • High volume pump and tank allows for high inflow
  • Pump will only run when the tank is full or when activated by the timer
  • Can be isolated when water is not required
  • Pump capacity of 7000 litres per hour and capable of 7 metres of vertical head
  • System is 600mm (W) x 480mm (H) x 350mm (D)

How the system works

  1. The lint & other impurities are intercepted through a coarse screen and then flushed back into the sewer system
  2. The filtered water is collected and then automatically pumped via sub-surface irrigation to areas of your garden