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Greywater Installation

Perth Greywater specialises in installing Greywater Systems which are approved by the Department of Health Western Australia. We ensure that all systems installed comply with the relevant Department of Health and Water Corporation regulations and are compatible with household installation requirements. Safe and durable to provide long term operational efficiency.

We have installation packages for both Primary Treatment and Secondary Treatment of greywater. Upon contacting us we perform an assessment to consider all of the issues, for example:

  • Do you live in a sewered or non sewered area or location?
  • Will the system be installed in a new home or existing home?
  • Do you require an overflow device to divert excess grey water into a sewer?
  • Do you require a backflow septic tank diverter?
  • If your home is a new premises do you require initial planning of piping?
  • If you have an older premises do you require separate piping?
  • How many occupants live in the home?
  • What is your typical water usage on a daily basis?
  • What is your garden size and configuration?
  • What sized grey water system do you require?

From these questions and many more we can make recommendations to assist you with selecting the correct greywater system for your needs.

Greywater Permits

Greywater System Installation Permits

Perth Greywater only stocks systems that comply with the Code of Greywater Reuse and Public Health. Although talks are underwater to at a State Government Level, Local Government in your area are required to approve the system which is to be installed and require a application and fee to be submitted.

There are two different procedures according to the size of your premises:

  • Greywater installations for single dwellings up to 10 people are approved by local government
  • Greywater installations above 10 people must be submitted to the Executive Director of Public Health for Approval as is the case for Septic Tank Applications

Perth Greywater can assist in advising you of the relavant procedures in your area.

  • Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.

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  • Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.