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Grey Flow PS

The Grey-Flow PS Plug & Play family product is a true Grey Water diversion device that if fully automated, easy to install and can be retrofitted to existing homes or installed on new homes. Whilst showering or washing clothes, the Grey water is directly diverted to your garden with a minimum water storing time. This unique patented design reduces: health risks, mosquito and bacteria breeding as well as maintenance of the system


Grey Flow PS Features & Advantages

  • State of the art Self-cleaning Mechanism
  • Auto de-sludge configuration
  • Extra low maintenance (2 years filter clean)
  • Simple & robust design
  • Small footprint to fit most homes
  • Easy and economical 2 stage install
  • Suits even the deepest installation
  • 100mm inlet and outlet


Divert Grey Water from:

  1. Shower
  2. Washing Machine
  3. Basins
  4. Air Conditioner

Grey Flow PS Installation