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About Perth Greywater

Perth Grey Water is a division of Perth Environmental Plumbing an MPA Enviro West certified Sustainability Plumbing provider. We are one of Perth’s only grey water recycling specialist developed by the company after seeing a greener alternative from conventional plumbing services. We can provide you with the highest level of greywater product knowledge and greywater installation expertise in Western Australia.

Reduce your Greywater Emissions to Zero

Australia is currently the second highest user of domestic water in the world. The Average House (Based on 3.3 persons per hourse) uses 459 kilolitres of water per year or approximately 1259 litres each day. This equates to an estimated 117 litres of greywater per person per day.

From this total usage:

  • 24 Litres is used in the Kitchen
  • 42 Litres is used in the laundry
  • 51 Litres is used in the bathroom, and;
  • A staggering 707 litres on average per day is used outdoors


Perth Greywater can provide your household premises with a Grey Water System which will reduce your grey water emissions to zero. We can help you implement a grey water recycling system so you can treat and recycle grey water for productive uses such as irrigation. Plus we can ensure that your grey water system is installed and operated in such a way that that it will not harm the environment and it abides by the codes of practice for reuse of greywater in WA. While in terms of ongoing support Perth Grey Water has the highest level of after sales service and will make sure your grey water system undergoes proper grey water unit maintenance.

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