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The EcoCare Waste Water Diverter System is a compact semi-automatic system. It can save an average family of four between 360 – 700L per day.

The system must be installed by a licensed plumber and is not to be used with sewerage and kitchen sink outlets.

  • Compact 1/3sqm semi-automatic system
  • Maximum pump head 6 metres
  • Inlet pipe height is 410mm (at ground level)
  • An external power point is required to operate the unit
  • Certified Plumbing Product- Watermark Approved
  • In the event of wet weather grey water can easily be diverted back down to the sewer

How the system works

  1. Water collected from your shower, bath, or washing machine is called Greywater
  2. Grey water is diverted into the Waste Water Diverter System
  3. Once the water flows the pump is activated, pumping the grey water to the garden
  4. Pump automatically turns on – when the water level in the tank rises
  5. Pump automatically turns off – when the tank is empty
  6. Pump automatically dumps residual waste water every 24hours – according to government regulations

Important points

  • Avoid using grey waste water during wet weather
  • Avoid Bacteria Growth – Periodically flush out the tank and all components in contact with grey water with clean water
  • The use of air-borne sprinklers is not permitted with the EcoCare Grey Waste Water Diverter System
  • The use of this product requires authorisation by the local health authority